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Overview of NBA development in China



China currently have 3 chinese players play in NBA, they are Yao Ming, Yi Jian Lian and Sun Yue. The first March between YAO and YI attracted 250million viewers (mainly chinese) according to NBA in 10/NOV/2007, at 17 Chinese TV stations showed this game live across China. More and more chinese company has started to work with NBA to promote their products such as, Lenovo, Haier. 



NBA Best play of the day by NBA = NBA每日最好的表演


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Sun Yue of Lakers with Yao Ming


Videos of Sun Yue = 孙悦的录像



                   Yao Ming Half Naked





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Yi Jian Lian of Nets

Videos of Yi JianLian = 易建联的录像



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